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Avail loan up to 20X your salary

and as high as AED 1 million

Enjoy low interest rates

and 1st EMI deferral period of up to 90 days

Dreams to reality with Mashreq Personal Loans

Whether you need to pay for education, or want to plan your next holiday, or you want to renovate your home, we at Mashreq have amplified the relief of getting a personal loan on every front. From a convenient online process and higher loan amounts to virtually instant approval and fast payout time, our digital loans make life a whole lot easier for you.

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Submit minimal required documents via your Mashreq salary transfer account to avail your loan.
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Loan amount


AED 10,000

AED 1,500,000

Interest rate


2.99 %

36 %

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3 months

60 months

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Monthly Installment


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Have the following documents handy to view your loan offer:

Valid Emirates ID


Minimum Monthly Salary
AED 5,000 for approved companies & AED 10,000 for unapproved companies.
Company Approval Requisite
Not mandatory to be employed at an approved company for loan eligibility.
Employment Term
Should be a ‘Confirmed’ employee (or) length of service to be 6 months or more at the current company.


Terms & Conditions of Personal Loans
To find out more, click here.
Terms & Conditions of Credit Life
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Fees & Charges
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Key Facts Statement
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use a Mashreq Personal Loan for all your needs whether its planned or unexpected. For example: • Enjoy a vacation with family / friends • Give a new look to your home • Host your dream wedding • Pay for your or your child’s education • Clear your emergency medical bills • Invest in lucrative opportunities • Interim needs • Property purchase in your Home Country / Overseas* * As per the UAE Central Bank Guidelines, if you are financing your new home with a home loan in the UAE, you aren’t entitled to avail a personal loan to fund the down payment of the property purchase.
Yes, salary transfer is a requisite for availing a personal loan from Mashreq.
• Minimum salary of AED 5,000 for approved companies and AED 10,000 for unapproved companies. • Loan instalment along with overall regular monthly instalments should not exceed 50% of your monthly salary. Terms and conditions apply
If the length of your service with the current employer is less than 6 months or if you have recently moved to the UAE, you can avail ‘New to UAE’ or ‘New to employer’ loan from Mashreq.
Mashreq offers Personal Loans of up to 20 times your salary & maximum of up to AED 1 million.
The upfront costs related to a personal loan are processing fees.
Minimum tenure for a Mashreq Personal Loan is 6 months and the maximum tenure is 48 months. For employees of the Ministry of Defense the maximum tenure is up to 60 months.
Our interest rates are competitive and are charged on a reducing balance. To know more about this, please get in touch with our bank representative.
The proceeds of your Mashreq Personal Loan will be credited to your Mashreq account. In certain buy-out or debt consolidation cases, as per your instructions, the payment will be made to another bank / financial institution.
• You will get a zero-balance current account for personal loans greater than or equal to AED 25,000 along with debit card and cheque book facility. • You will have access to a wide ATM and Branch network. • You will have access to award winning Online and Mobile Banking services. • You can avail instalment deferment option.

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