Pet takaful insurance

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The bond between you and your pet is unconditional

With pet takaful Insurance, you can give your pet the best medical care and stay protected against any unexpected and expensive veterinary bills.


Accidents and illnesses cover
Covers cost of treat for accident & illness & Vet fees for examination, consultation, tests etc.
Coverage for 3rd party liability
Covers cost related to accidental incidents involving your pet resulting in third party property damage and/ or bodily injury/death.
Preventive care
Get your pet covered for vaccinations , deworming , dental prevention , blood tests & other regular checkups etc.

Disclaimer: Insurance products are offered by renowned international and regional insurance companies. All product features, benefits, and returns are offered by the insurance company and not by Mashreqbank PSC. Mashreqbank PSC shall not be responsible for insurance provider's actions or decisions, nor shall Mashreqbank PSC be liable regarding payment of claims or services under the policy/insurance contract. Terms and Conditions apply.

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We cover only domestic pet like Cat & Dog. No other pets are covered in Pet Takaful Insurance.
No Linda can not buy as the pet owner is not Mashreq bank customer.
Pet Micro Chip id & Vaccination card are mandatory requirement for pet takaful insurance.
Mercy killing of pet due to prolonged illness
No, Pet takaful insurance is not transferable.

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