Lifestyle Protect

in uncertain times

Lump sum payout

For death due to illness

Cover for employment loss

when it’s involuntary

Home rental benefits

preventing disruption

Your one-stop insurance

Lifestyle Protect offers protection against personal accidents as well as death due to sickness. It offers a lump sum payout which helps protect your loved ones.
Support with home rental expenses
In uncertain times, you can have peace of mind that Lifestyle Protect will provide you with home rental expenses for up to 3 months.
Lifestyle Protect offers a lump sum payout for either accidental death or death due to sickness.
Peace of mind in difficult times
It’s good to know that your plan also provides living benefits which provide essential financial support if you lose your job involuntarily. This can be a significant relief in difficult times.
Loss of job protection
A comprehensive insurance with you in mind
Your Lifestyle Protect insurance covers you for personal accidents and death due to illness. It also provides additional lifestyle benefits to cover monthly expenses such as house rent, utility bills, school fees and transportation bills.
Losing your wallet can be very disruptive. Your insurance cover will help you cover expenses such as replacement costs of identifications documents.
Loss of wallet
Cover for missed travel departures
It’s inconvenient when travel doesn’t go your way. Your insurance will provide reimbursement of travel expenses.
The reassurance of second medical opinion
It’s always good to have the option of consulting world class doctors and gaining second opinions for any serious illness diagnosis.

Disclaimer: Lifestyle Protect is offered by Sukoon (Oman Insurance Co). All product features, benefits and / or returns are offered by Sukoon and not by Mashreqbank PSC. Mashreqbank PSC shall not be responsible for Sukoon’s actions or decisions nor shall Mashreqbank PSC be liable regarding payment of claims or services under the policy / insurance contract.

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Lifestyle Protect is one of the unique products designed exclusively for Mashreq customers by Oman Insurance Company, one of the leading insurance companies in UAE. The plan at an affordable premium protects you in case of any unfortunate events such as Accidental Death, Death due to Sickness and Involuntary loss of employment mainly, among other benefits.

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A sudden, unexpected, unintentional, specific event, which occurs during the Period of Insurance at an identifiable time and place, caused by external, violent, and visible means (but does not include any illness or disease) which results in physical bodily injury (but does not include mental, nervous or emotional disorders, depression or anxiety).

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It means sudden and unforeseen change in health, sickness or disease of the Insured Person contracted and commenced during the Period of Insurance as certified by a Physician. The Illness must be serious enough to consult a Physician for the purpose of medical treatment and for which prevents the normal continuation of the Insured Person’s daily life causing death . The customer should have been enrolled for at least 180 days with the plan to claim under this benefit.

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This means’ involuntary loss of employment’. It refers to unemployment arising out of the unilateral decision of an employer to terminate an employment contract without citing any reason or for any reason other than those mentioned under exclusions in the policy, provided the Notification is given to the Insured Person. Unpaid leaves and resignations are out of the scope.

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In the event of involuntary loss of employment of the insured person after the commencement date and during the period of the insurance. The notification falls after a waiting period of 180 days from the commencement date .The Insured person remains unemployed during the period for the monthly benefit not exceeding 3 months for each 30 days subsequent period. You may also call 8004746 or visit

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The Insured Person must:
  1. Have no Pre-existing Medical Conditions as defined herein prior to the Commencement Date;
  2. Be older than 18 years and under 65 years but not more than 64 years at the time of enrolment with respect to death and age 59 years with respect to Involuntary Loss of Employment benefit. If only the year of birth of an insured person is provided to the company then the date of birth for this policy shall be January 1st of such insured person’s year of birth, unless it is mentioned and confirmed by passport or national ID;
  3. Be a UAE resident;
  4. Be a salaried employee; continuously employed for the past 180 days consecutively, with a minimum salary of AED 3,500.

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