Hospital Cash Plan Insurance

that offer support.

30 day satisfaction guarantee

or full refund

Covers medical expenses

beyond employer’s cover

5 different plans

to suit your needs

A plan that gives you reassurance

Receive compensation in case you are hospitalised due to accident or sickness for up to a year. This help provides you with a much needed safety net in the event of long term hospitalisation with benefits as high as AED 35,000.
A reliable income during hospitalisation
If you are in hospital due to an injury or sickness, your policy will provide you with a weekly benefit for up to a year.
Hospital Cash Plan comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We will offer you a full refund.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed
Your plan ensures that you’ll receive a daily benefit for hospitalization.
A daily benefit from day 1 in hospital


Easy payment
You can pay premiums on a monthly basis so you can spread out your premium payments.
Fast and simple sign up
Instant signup - no medical underwriting and no lengthy questionnaire is required.
Your plan, your choice
Your hospital cash plan offers you freedom of choice. There’s no long term commitment and you can cancel the policy whenever you want.

Disclaimer: The insurance policy of the product is underwritten by MetLife and the insurance coverage that the policy provides shall be at all times subject to the terms and conditions of the policy contract issued by MetLife. MetLife Terms and Conditions apply. All product features, benefits and returns (if applicable) are offered by MetLife and not by Mashreqbank PSC. Mashreqbank PSC shall not be responsible for MetLife’s actions or decisions nor shall Mashreqbank PSC be liable for payment of claims or services under the policy contract issued by MetLife.

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The Hospital Cash plan is a product that provides a weekly benefit as In-Hospital income due to sickness and accident, it also provides medical reimbursement in case of an accident.

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The plan is available for customers who are between the ages of 18 to 59 years, holding a valid UAE residence Visa and who have a Mashreq relationship.

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If the insured is confined for a portion of a week (1/7) of the weekly benefit shall be payable for each day of the confinement subject to the elimination period.

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In case of any injury commencing within 30 days from the date of the accident, the Company will pay the necessary medical expenses incurred within 52 weeks.

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Yes, this policy has an option to enroll spouse and dependents.

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Above one (1) year and under nineteen (19) years of age “(or under twenty three (23) years of age if a full time student)”,unmarried and primarily dependent on the Insured Person for support.

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The insured who is confined in a hospital as a registered bed patient for at least one (1) day.

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You can cancel the policy at any time. The cancellation request can be placed by calling 0097144154777 or by sending an email to and there will be no requirement to fill any form for the policy cancellation.

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A grace period of thirty (30) calendar days will be granted for the payment of each premium falling due, during which time the policy shall be continued in force, however the policy will terminate if the premium is not paid within the grace period.

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The premium can be paid monthly or annually through Mashreq Credit/Debit Card.

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