NEO Savings Account

For all your needs

0.15% per annum

Interest Rate


Platinum Debit Card



Open a Mashreq NEO account in just 2 minutes

All you need is a valid Emirates ID

Scan your Emirates ID
Take a selfie
Enter your personal details
Choose account type

Enjoy the benefits of interest rates

With Mashreq NEO Savings Account, you will enjoy an interest rate of 0.15% per annum which is credited to your account every 6 months. (Interest rate is subject to change)

Free Visa Debit Card

Once you open your account, you will receive your Mashreq Debit Card for easy access to your funds.

Earn Joining Bonus based on your transferred salary

Monthly Salary RangeCashback*
AED 5,000-9,999AED 200
AED 10,000-19,999AED 500
AED 20,000-49,999AED 1,000
AED 50,000 & aboveAED 2,500
* Applicable for accounts with first salary credited on or after 27 August 2023. For more details, visit

Early Bird Cashback

Make transactions in the first 90 days & enjoy up to AED 350 cashback.

AED 35 Cashback: Purchase 3 or more Mashreq Millionaire Certificates
AED 65 Cashback: Swipe your NEO Debit Card for AED 3,000
AED 75 Cashback: Transfer AED 3,000 with Quick Remit to 40 countries
Flat AED 75 Cashback: Purchase Motor Insurance
AED 100 Cashback: Purchase Term Life or Critical Illness Insurance

Worldwide access

Your savings account takes you anywhere in the world. Access your funds with ease in over 200 countries and through 1.8 million ATMs.
The easiest way to earn great returns on your savings
The NEO Savings Account from Mashreq gives you the freedom to make your banking transactions at no cost, while earning an interest on your account balance.
Enjoy the flexibility to use your money anytime through Debit Card or Cheque
Easy access to funds anywhere, anytime
It’s fast and simple to set up your account. Simply ensure to have your Emirates ID ready with you.
Easy set-up


Minimum monthly income
AED 5,000
Valid Emirates ID
Must be 18 years old and above

Still got questions?

If the combined minimum average balance on your account falls below AED 3,000 or equivalent in other currencies i.e. “monthly minimum balance”, you will be charged a “fall below fee”.
With a Mashreq NEO digital account, there is no need for you to visit a Mashreq branch. However, you can visit a Mashreq ATM/ITM for withdrawing cash and encashing cheques.
You need to transfer a monthly salary of at least AED 5,000 to earn NEO salary transfer cashback.
Send a letter to your HR to initiate transfer: • Login to Mashreq Mobile App > tap on ‘More’ • ‘Transfer your salary now’ > ‘Email my HR now’ • Enter ‘HR’s email ID’ > Send email using any email app on your device
Total salary cashback amount will be based on the first salary deposited in your account and will be credited in equal monthly installments over a period of 6 months into your Mashreq NEO Account. Each installment will be credited within 90 days from the date of the salary transfer in the respective months.
A salary transfer will only be recognised by Mashreq if it is credited to the account by the customer’s employer registered in UAE using the correct channel and method recognised by the bank. A remittance, direct transfer, cash or cheque credit transaction by the employer will not be considered as a salary transfer transaction and will lose the eligibility of any benefits defined under this offer. An erroneous salary transfer description could also result in the non-payment of the cash joining benefit.
Yes, you will be eligible for salary cashback under Mashreq NEO if you decide to transfer your salary to Mashreq NEO Account and receive a continuous salary credit of AED 5,000 or more on a monthly basis in your Mashreq NEO Account.
If the salary transferred is below AED 5,000 in a month, the customer will not be eligible for cashback in that month. However, in the subsequent months, when salary transferred is above AED 5,000, he/she will become eligible and will continue to receive salary cashback, based on the first salary calculation.
If your salary increases you cannot claim a different cashback value during that month. Salary cashback is calculated based on your first salary transfer.
If salary is not transferred in a given month; the customer will not be eligible for cashback in that given month. However, during subsequent months, when salary is transferred (above AED 5,000) the customer will continue earning cashback, based on the first salary calculation.
If salary is not transferred in the NEO Account for 2 months in a row, within 12 months of the first salary credit; all previous salary cashbacks will be clawed back and the salary cashback amount credited by the bank shall be debited from the customer’s account.
You have a maximum of 7 months from the first month of eligible salary transfer.

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