Mashreq Millionaire

You could become a millionaire!

3 prizes worth

AED 1 million

& 336 more prizes

Save & win

By buying certificates

Redeem easily

through Mashreq Online Banking or Mobile App

Save & win the chance to be a millionaire

Mashreq account holders can buy and redeem certificates instantly through Mashreq Online or Mashreq Mobile App. Just one certificate is required to qualify for all prizes including AED 1 million. Draws are done monthly under the supervision of officials from the Department of Economic Development, Dubai.

The more certificates you purchase, the more chance of winning

By purchasing more than one Mashreq Millionaire Certificate you multiply your chances of being the lucky person to win AED1,000,000, plus other prizes. Each Mashreq Certificate is valued at AED 1,000.

Mashreq Millionaire Draw Date

Draw Date Thursday, May 30, 2024
Prize Structure 3 Prizes of AED 5,000; 25 Prizes of AED 1,000
Winners Announcement Friday, May 31, 2024
Are you the next Mashreq millionaire?
Simply purchase Mashreq Millionaire Certificates to participate. Stay tuned for the AED 1 Million grand prize draw every April, August and December. You also stand the chance to win 25 prizes of AED 1,000 and 3 prizes of AED 5,000 every month.
Get rewarded with up to 2,000 Salaam Points which can be redeemed instantly in any of our 2,200 partner outlets.
Terms & Conditions apply
Saving is simple with Mashreq Millionaire
Mashreq account holders can save online through Mashreq Mobile/Mashreq Online or walk in to any Mashreq Branch to buy
Easy encashment
There are no cancellation charges after 90 days. Nominal pre-encashment charges will apply if encashed within 90 days.


Minimum Requirements
Minimum 3 Certificates need to be purchased upon the first transaction. Minimum holding of 1 Certificate is required to qualify for the draw.
Mashreq Millionaire is open to residents, expatriates, tourist & visitors.
21 years and above

You will need

A valid passport with a residence visa page for all expatriates. For non-residents, an original passport page showing a UAE entry stamp
A valid Emirates ID / For non-residents your original passport
Mashreq customers can save online through Mashreq Online or Mashreq Mobile Purchase from any Mashreq branch across the Emirates OR call our 24-hour Direct Banking Centre on +971 (4) 424 4444

Are you ready to apply?

Still got questions?

No. However, a minimum of 3 certificates need to be purchased for every transaction. 
All Mashreq Millionaire customers will qualify to enter the draw of AED 1 Million. Mashreq Millionaire certificates are valued at AED 1,000 each.

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Saving in Mashreq Millionaire Certificates is simple and convenient. 
You can buy them from any one of the 39 Mashreq branches across the Emirates OR call our 24 hour Direct Banking Centre on +971 (4) 424 4444 OR Mashreq customers can save online through Mashreq Online or Mashreq Mobile

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Mashreq Millionaire Certificates can be saved in by all holders of a valid resident, visit or transit visa of the UAE and all GCC nationals. These certificates cannot be held jointly and are non-transferable

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Each Mashreq Millionaire draw is conducted and supervised by the Department of Economic Development. All certificates are included in all the draws, so, the more certificates you hold, the more opportunities you have to become a Mashreq Millionaire.

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Winners are notified by telephone & SMS. Therefore, please ensure that the Bank has your complete and updated contact details at all times.

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You can encash your certificates in part or full either through a Mashreq Branch or Online. If you have purchased certificates through the branch or have a winning certificate, the encashment needs to be done through the branch. If you have purchased certificates online, you can encash them through the Mashreq Mobile app or through Mashreq Online.

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There are no cancellation charges when Mashreq Millionaire Certificates are redeemed after 90 days from date of purchase. For earlier redemption, there is a nominal fee levied on the full or partial quantity of certificates redeemed.

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