Non-Resident Egyptian Account

Open an account from UAE

Easy account access

Through Mashreq Online

High returns on your funds

Preferential rates on Savings and Fixed Deposits

Free transfer of funds

From your UAE account to your account in Egypt

Open a Bank account in Egypt

You can open your account from the comfort of your home or office in the UAE without having to travel to Egypt. Simply click here to apply!

Get High Returns On Your Funds

Egypt pays significantly higher interest on deposits than most GCC countries. Set aside part of your savings and invest in Egypt. NRE customers receive preferential rates on their savings and fixed deposits. Simply send a request to and get an instant quote.

Quick and FREE transfer of Funds

All transfer of funds from your UAE account to your Egypt account is FREE through the convenience of Mashreq Online.
Regular Payment Obligations
We all have financial obligations back home. Sign a standing instruction (Standing Order) and Mashreq Egypt will transfer the required amount from your account to the beneficiary you have stated and on the date you have mentioned.
A dedicated address to ensure onboarding experience is hassle free and attend to any queries.
Dedicated Customer Service Officer
International VISA Debit Card
Get an Egyptian Pound denominated VISA Debit Card delivered to you in the UAE. Withdraw cash from any ATM in Egypt.
Mashreq Online
You can view and access your accounts in both countries through your Mashreq Online account.

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Minimum balance required: EGP 50,000 Fall below fee: EGP 100
Debit Card issuance charge is EGP 35
There is no account opening fee
There are no account service charges
Yes, you can open an Egypt account while in UAE.
• Free fund transfer • International VISA Debit Card • Dedicated officer to attend to all your queries • Preferential rates on Savings and Fixed Deposits

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