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Change the way you pay. Add your Mashreq Card to Digital Wallets using Mashreq Mobile and enjoy the convenience it brings.

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Share the benefits of a Supplementary Card with your loved ones

Your spouse and children above 16 can enjoy the benefits of a Supplementary Card, wherever they are. You may have up to 8 Supplementary Cards whilst maintaining full control over spending. Apply here.

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You can activate your Mashreq Credit Card instantly through any of the following methods:
Through Mashreq Mobile
Download ‘Mashreq Mobile’ from App store or Play store or visit
Click on ‘New User Signup’ and follow the steps 

+971 (4) 424 4455 for Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card
+971 (4) 424 4411 for Mashreq Al Islami Platinum Credit Card
+971 (4) 424 4444 for other Mashreq Credit Cards

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To find out more about how you can keep your Card safe, please click here.

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The Central Bank of UAE has directed all banks to maintain accurate and updated customer information at all times, in compliance with governing regulations. Both Primary and Supplementary Cardholders should submit their EID or Passport details to click here

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