Wallet Protect

A Simple but Comprehensive Global Insurance Cover against: - Loss or Theft of Wallet - Identity Theft

Key Benefits

Loss or Theft of Wallet

In the event of your wallet getting lost or stolen, anywhere in the world, we will provide you with In the event of your wallet getting lost or stolen, anywhere in the world, we will provide you with:

Protection against fraudulent transactions on Mashreq Bank's debit and credit cards
Cover against any cash content in the wallet
Replacement costs for the lost or stolen wallet as well as the personal papers (UAE driver’s license, Emirates card) and payment cards (Mashreq Bank cards only) that were in the wallet
Reimbursement of application fees for applying for new personal papers and/or payment cards

Identity Theft

Security against unauthorized and/or illegal use of your personal information to:

Open credit accounts and/or bank accounts that you did not authorize; and/or
Take a loan or write a cheque in your name

ATM Assault

In case an ATM assault or robbery event occurs while withdrawing money from any ATM around the world, using your Mashreq Debit Card, we will provide reimbursement for the withdrawn amount

The ‘Wallet Protect’ Advantage

Easy Application for a Worldwide cover

A simple enrolment procedure for a standard preapproved worldwide cover for Mashreq Debit Card customers on a valid UAE Resident Visa

Affordable Annual Premiums: At AED 349 only, this is a very competitive market premium for insurance protection for a whole year of up to AED 20,000
ePolicy issuance: Convenient ePolicy kits issued and email ed for quick covers
Simple 4 step claims process: An experienced claims team to provide the necessary guidance in the event of an incident

Simple 4 step claims process

You must report any loss to the Police and the Bank and the Insurance Company (Company) as soon as possible or in any event within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft
As soon as the Bank receives the notice from card holders, the Bank has to block the cards
You have to complete the claim form and submit the claim along with the proof of loss within two (2) months from the date of discovery of loss. You can call at 800 4746 or email at nmcoic@tameen.ae to obtain guidance regarding the claims process and submitting the claims form
The Company will process the claim as per the policy terms and conditions and settle the claim, if payable, directly to you

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