Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

The Instant EPP option gives your customers the convenience of making payments for their purchases in monthly instalments over a period of time at outlets where they use their Mashreq Credit Cards.


Guaranteed EPP approval at the POS terminal
No wait time with the call center
Opportunity to up-sell

How Does It Help Your Business?

Drive more sales traffic to your outlets with the convenience offered
Increase high ticket item purchases with the installment option
Get the edge over competition by giving your customers an unmatched convenience

How Does It Help Your Customers?

They can make high value transactions comfortably, with an option to pay in installments
Transaction is converted to EPP instantly on Mashreq POS terminals without the need for any phone calls or wait time
Instant approval without the chance of rejection
0% EPP option at no extra cost

Without Instant EPP

Customer buys a TV and gets his card slip
Customer calls the bank to check for EPP options
Customer has to wait without being sure of approval
Customer is unhappy as the offer did not meet his expectations

With Instant EPP

Customer buys a TV and gets his card slip
Receipt has all the details of the EPP offer
With affordable EMI, the customer decides to convert the purchase into EPP right at the POS terminal
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