Introducing Salma Seyam

Through Padel, Mashreq’s Riser Salma Seyam, former professional tennis player, uplifted and empowered the female Padel community in Egypt with her determination to turn life’s struggles into success.

What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger

From a young age, Salma has been winning tournaments as an official club member of the Egyptian national team. But a devastating injury forced her to take an untimely exit from the sport. Salma graduated from AUC, and an early marriage and subsequent divorce landed her with the responsibility of two sons. This understandably caused her mental anguish, and Salma fell into depression. But her life took a turn for the better when Salma came across a Padel court and decided to hone her sporting skills and train herself to a professional level.

An expedition of self-discovery

Salma influenced professional female tennis players to shift to Padel. She encouraged new enthusiasts to commit to the sport and create a team. The Egyptian Female Padel team competed for and won the coveted Africa Padel Cup. That’s not all, they also secured the second runner-up prize at the Padel World Cup finals. In 2023, Salma co-founded Sweetspot Padel Academy. Salma’s dream run has just begun!

I am grateful to my parents, sons and coach who helped me defeat my fears and believed in my vision that dreams do come true! #padelforlife is my journey. #RiseEveryDay

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