Meet the legendary Alain Robert

With sheer resilience, passion, and stamina, Alain Robert, a free solo climber, environmentalist, and motivational speaker has inspired the world for over 50 years.

A master of the body & mind

Even though Alain was afraid of heights as a child, he soon fell in love with climbing. But after a few serious injuries and slipping into a coma as an adult, Alain was told he’d never climb again. Despite sustaining injuries to 66% of his body, he never let his physical challenges get in the way of his ambition and passion to achieve the impossible.

The French Spider-Man

Today at the age of 61, Alain has climbed over 170 buildings including the Burj Khalifa, twice! The last time he conquered the giant, it was for a cause that matters: #Climb2Change. Even though climbing comes with risks, not doing it would be the greatest of them all. With every challenge faced and top reached, he feels born again! To him, rising every day isn’t about acquiring possessions, it’s about doing what you love and living the dream fearlessly.

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