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Safe contactless payments with Mashreq Tick Pay

Mashreq Tick Pay is a fashion bracelet with a smart chip which enables you to make contactless payments in a safe and secure way. Simply hold your bracelet near the contactless-enabled terminal and you can conveniently make payments of below EGP 600 without having to enter your PIN code.
Its convenient
No need to enter PIN for transactions below EGP 600
Its fast
Just tap the mashreq tick pay on the point of sale to complete the payments 
Its secure
Innovate wearable equipped with chip to perform contactless payments 
Its rewarding
Earn reward points on each purchase transaction with Mashreq Tick pay 
Contactless chip cards
Discover fast, secure and convenient payments. Simply tap your card at the point of sale and transactions of less than EGP 600 will be completed without needing to enter your PIN.
Enjoy discounts up to 50%
Enjoy a host of discounts with our merchant partners across hotels, travel, fashion, F&B and much more. (T&Cs apply.)
Safe & secure
All our cards have enhanced security features through 3D secure services.
Enjoy online shopping with installment plan at JUMIA
EPP up to 36 Months with discounted interest rates

Supplementary Cards for your loved ones

Share up to 4 supplementary cards for each primary card free for a  life time and earn Reward Points, sMiles or cashback based on the card type. You can set a monthly spend limit for all supplementary cards. All cards are contacless offering fast, secure and convenient payments.

General Questions

Card activation through Mashreq mobile: 1. Sign into mobile application. 2. Open the main menu by pressing 3 dashes found on top of screen. 3. Choose services 4. Choose activate card8 5. Click on change 6. Choose card you want to activate 7. Enter card expiry year (e.g 2024) 8. Enter card expiry month (e.g 04) 9. Press confirm. Card activation through online banking: 1. Sign in to your Mashreq Online account 2. Choose "My card" from the main menu found on the left side of the page. 3. Choose "other services" 4. Choose activate card 5. Choose the card you want to activate. 6. Enter card expiry Month & Year. 7. Press submit. For PIN generation: 1. Click on generate card PIN 2. Enter required details 3. Type your own PIN 4. Re-enter the PIN for confirmation & click change 5. Enter token passcode or SMS OTP and press confirm.
Multiple Payment channels to pay credit card dues:
* Mashreq ATMs * Transferring the dues from any Mashreq account to credit cards through Mashreq online * Standing instructions to directly deduct full or minimum payment from Mashreq account on regular basis. * Payment is available through more than 60,000 locations with Fawry payment services. * Payment is possible through any of Mashreq's branches.
Salaried, self employed and professional customers Mashreq Gold customers Mashreq customers with accounts or Certificates of Deposit Doctors who work in hospitals or who own a clinic Pharmacists who own a pharmacy Customers with unsecured credit cards from other banks Customers with unsecured loans from other banks Customers who own premises in high end compounds Teaching assistants, senior teachers, lecturers, associate professors, deans working in governmental or private universities in Egypt Non-resident Egyptian Mashreq customers

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