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Easy IVR access

to your banking information

What's New?

Card Activation
Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to activate your Credit Card / Debit Card and to generate and activate PINs.
Transactions Review
Use IVR to check the last 5 transactions on your Accounts and Credit Cards.
Bill Payments
Pay your credit card bills with ease.
Money Transfer
It's easy to transfer between your accounts.
What is IVR?
Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is an automated Phone Banking system which allows you to access your confidential financial information.
Using a TIN to access information
Create a Telephone Identification Number (TIN)  over the IVR as a password to access your accounts & credit card details. Your four-digit TIN is confidential and should not be disclosed with anyone, even Mashreq staff.
Registering for IVR is easy
Simply create a TIN and enter it with your Account & Credit Card details.
Using IVR in the case of card loss
Please call 19677 within Egypt and +2 19677 in any other countries.

Activating your TIN

Step 1
Call 02-19677, press 1 for Arabic or 2 for English.
Step 2
Press '1' if you are an existing Mashreq Customer & enter your 12 digit Account number or 16 digit Credit Card number followed by #
Step 3
Press '1' to receive an activation code on your registered mobile number. Then enter this activation code to create your TIN.

All the benefits of IVR

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) makes banking easier. Check transactions and your balance, activate card, generate PINS, pay bills or change autopayments and transfer between accounts. IVR helps youaccess accounts and card information with ease. Simply call 19677 or 02 19677 from overseas.

Still got questions?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone banking system that allows you access to your confidential financial information.
You need to create a Telephone Identification Number (TIN). Please refer to this page on how to do this and activate your IVR. 
You can check your accounts and cards,pay bills, report card loss and review transactions.
You can make the following transactions:
• Credit Card activation • Credit Card PIN activation • Check Credit Card due amount • Change autopayment options for your Credit Card • Check the last five transaction details
You can make the following transactions:
• Debit Card activation • Debit Card PIN generation
You can make the following transactions:
• Account balance enquiry • Cash transfer between customer accounts • Transfer from your account to your credit card

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