Savings Account

Simply & easy saving

with attractive interest rates

Every 6 months

interest credited


interest rates

Quick & easy processing

for instant accounts

Attractive Interest Rates

Your Mashreq Savings Account is designed to offer you excellent interest rates which will be credited to your account every 6 months.

Enjoy all the benefits

Your Mashreq Savings Account allows you the freedom to make transactions at no cost and earn interest while you're saving.

Quick & easy processing

Setting up your account is fast and easy. If you're an existing current or savings account customer, you'll get the added benefit of instant set up.
Instant Debit Card
You will instantly get a free Mashreq Debit Card when you open your Mashreq Savings Account.
Easy account set-up
You need an initial balance of  EGP1,000 or 500 for any other currency to set up your account.
Easy access to funds anywhere, anytime
Enjoy the flexibility to access your money anytime through Debit Card or Cheque.
Instant set up
Enjoy instant account set up if you’re an existing Current/savings account holder through Mashreq Online.

Free transactions

Access your funds anywhere in the world with ease in over 200 countries and through 1.8 million ATMs.

Are you ready to apply?


Minimum opening balance
EGP1,000 or 500 for any other major global currency.
Nationals and Expats living in Egypt
21 years and above

You will need

A valid passport/National ID (proof of address and salary if not on ID)
A valid visa with residence page for expatriates
And finally, fill in the application form
Terms & Conditions apply

Still got questions?

If at any point during the month your account balance falls below EGP 1,000, you will be charged a “fall below fee” of  EGP 20. This fee will be charged only once during a month.
A manned transaction refers to a transaction made in the branch of the bank. It does not include transactions made on an ATM/CCDM
Yes, a non-resident may open a Savings Account with the Bank. In addition to a valid passport, you will be required to have a valid visa.

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