EGP Certificate of Deposits

Enjoy attractive interest rates

& gain returns

Competitive interest rates

across the market


overdrafts, loans & credit card

3-10 years


Enjoy the benefits of attractive interest rates

Your Mashreq Certificate of Deposit gives you attractive interest on your funds which means that you can grow your savings through competitive returns on your deposit.

A wide range of tenor

Enjoy the convenience of flexible time periods from 3 years to 10 years. The choice is yours.

Funds when you need them

Enjoy an overdraft facility or loan of a maximum of 95% of the total value of your deposit.
Attractive interest rates & flexibility
Your Certificate of Deposit from Mashreq offers the attractive rates of interest that you’d expect, together with the added flexibility of being able to draw on your funds at any time through an overdraft or loan facility.
Convenient & easy
You need an initial deposit of EGP 1,000 to set up your deposit. Your Certificate of Deposit offers your the reassurance of secured overdrafts, credit cards and loans.
Available to minors
Minors (under 21) can apply with a guardian's authority.
Flexibility of payout
Flexibility to choose your interest payout monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. Your interest rate payments are also variable.

Premature withdrawal

Premature  withdrawal of deposit is allowed after 6 months, please refer to the following for more details.

Are you ready to apply?


Minimum Deposit
EGP 1,000
Over 21 years / or a minor can apply with a guardian's authority.
Nationals and expatriates can apply.

You will need

An existing Current Account
A minimum deposit of EGP 1,000
And finally, fill in the application form.
Terms & Conditions apply

Still got questions?

The minimum amount required for issuance of a Certificate of Deposit is  EGP 1,000.

The tenors vary fro 3 years up to 10 years.
Yes, expatriates can apply for a Certificate of Deposit.

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