Mashreq Millionaire

Save today, to win tomorrow

& you could be a millionaire.

AED 1 million

& more prizes

Save & win

By buying certificates

Egyptians and expatriates

living in Egypt

Save & win the chance to be a millionaire

It’s easy with Mashreq, simply purchase Mashreq Millionaire Certificates. Just one certificate is required to qualify for all prizes including our big money win.

The more certificates you purchase, the more chance of winning

By purchasing more than one Mashreq Millionaire Certificate you multiply your chances of being the lucky winner. Each Mashreq Certificate is valued at EGP 2,000.

Regular prizes through the year

(Calendar Month)
Every 4 months
(April, August & December)
25 Prize of AED 1,000 1 Prize of AED 1,000,000
3 Prizes of AED 5,000
4 Prizes of EGP 25,000
Are you Mashreq’s next millionaire?
Ever dreamt of being a millionaire? We can make it possible. Simply purchase Mashreq Millionaire Certificates to participate in our draws.
Saving is simple with Mashreq Millionaire
Purchase from any Branch in Egypt, or call 19677 . Mashreq customers can save online
Increase your chances
Purchase more certificates to increase your chances of being a lucky Mashreq Millionaire winner.
Easy encashment
There are no cancellation charges after 90 days. Nominal pre-encashment charges will apply if encashed within 90 days.

Are you ready to apply?


Minimum Requirements
Two certificates or more must be purchased at every fresh transaction. Minimum of one certificate to qualify for the draw.
Mashreq Millionaire is open to nationals or expatriates living in Egypt
21 years and above

You will need

A valid passport with a residence visa page for all expatriates.
A valid ID for Egyptian nationals

Purchase from any of the 12 Mashreq branches across Egypt OR call 19677

Terms & Conditions apply

Still got questions?

No. However, a minimum of 2 certificates need to be purchased for every transaction.
All Mashreq Millionaire customers will qualify to enter the draw of AED 1 million. Mashreq Millionaire certificates are valued at EGP 2,000 each.
Saving in Mashreq Millionaire Certificates is simple and convenient.
You can buy them from any one of the 12 Mashreq branches across Egypt OR call 19677 OR Mashreq customers can save online through Mashreq Online or Mashreq Mobile.
Mashreq Millionaire Certificates can be saved in by all holders of a valid ID or a valid Passport.
Each Mashreq Millionaire draw is conducted and supervised by an from the ministry of social solidarity - Egypt. All certificates are included in all the draws, so, the more certificates you hold, the more opportunities you have to become a Mashreq Millionaire.
Winners are notified by telephone & SMS. Therefore, please ensure that the Bank has your complete and updated contact details at all times.
You can encash your certificates in part or full either through a Mashreq Branch or Online.
There are no cancellation charges when Mashreq Millionaire Certificates are redeemed after 90 days from date of purchase. For earlier redemption, there is a nominal fee levied on the full or partial quantity of certificates redeemed.

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