Saving Plan Wedding

A wedding plan

to create special memories

Waiver of premium

to protect family


for your family

Medical assistance

in times of need

Saving for a special future

The wedding day of your children is the day of your dreams and as a parent you want to offer them the perfect support needed to establish a life of their own. This policy helps you plan for the marriage of your children by offering them the finances needed for their future.
Family support when it's needed
It's good to know that your family is protected in case of accidental death and will recieve a lump sum equal to 50% of the investment amount up to USD 200K. T&Cs apply
Your Term Life Insurance provides a cost-effective protection ensuring that beneficiaries receive a lump sum in case of death
Additional protection
Accidental Medical Reimbursement offers peace of mind with medical expenses support in times of need.
Subject to T&Cs

Get insurance

Enjoy the reassurance of fixed premiums
It’s good to know that your premium is fixed throughout the whole tenure regardless of your state of health.
Explore the option of tailor-made add on benefits like critical illness, partial disability and permanent and total disability benefits.
Additional protection
Select the specified policy term that suits you best, ranging from 1-35 years.
Choose the term to suit your needs

Provided By

MetLife Egypt

A policy that offers protection and investment when planning your childrens' wedding.

Still got questions?

You should choose this plan to take care of your children in the future.
You get accidental death & dismemberment, waiver of premium, additional  death benefit, accidental medical reimbursement and Level Term Rider.
Yes, the policy will pay a lump  sum amount in addition to other amounts payable under this policy. It also includes a discounted medical card under company available networks. To qualify a second opinion is made by e-consultation with an American hospital. 

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