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Simplifying cash management

What's New?

E-Mail Update
Update your E-mail instantly using Mashreq ATMs.
Financial Summary
Use your Debit Card to check all your account details. 
Store your preferred language, configure fast cash in your preferred denomination, or choose E-mail or paper receipt.
Mobile Number Updates
Update your new mobile number instantly using Mashreq ATMs.
Discover more services through ATM
Mashreq ATM offers a host of additional services. It's easy to get mini statements, financial summaries & statement and more. 
Enjoy the convenience of instant E-mail statements for all your transactions.
PIN Change
It's easy to change your Debit Card PIN code using any Mashreq ATM.
Request your E-Statement using an ATM (initial request valid for 6 months).

Financial Requests

Our ATMs are designed to accept most types of Debit Cards for withdrawals.
Credit Card Payments
Use your Mashreq Debit Card to pay your Credit Card by simply entering the card number.
Cardless Cash Deposits
Deposit money to your Credit Card and Account(s) without needing your card.
Meeza Deposits
Enjoy the convenience of depositing into any Meeza Card via Mashreq ATMs.

Easy transfers with Mashreq ATMs

Make transfers and send money to your Mashreq account and other Mashreq accounts conveniently and economically. Transfer to Mashreq Current and Saving Accounts and local transfers are free of charge.

Still got questions?

There are many services including withdrawals, transfers, deposits, requesting statements, changing PINs and much more.
Yes, you easily make deposits to Meeza Cards using any Mashreq ATMs.
Charges are applicable depending on interchange ( VISA or MasterCard )
Please call 19677. Money will be credited after an internal verification.
Yes, you can make transfers and send money to your Mashrq accounts and other Mashreq accounts conveniently and economiically. Transfer to Mashreq Current and Savings Accounts aand local transfers are free of charge.
Yes, you can change your PIN easily on a Mashreq ATM.
You can instantly update email details and mobile number.
Add the beneficiary details through Mashreq Online and transfer money conveniently by clicking the Beneficiary details. You can transfer money to your own account, or within Mashreq accounts. The setting up of a beneficiary is not required for your own account transfer.
You can deposit up to 70 notes in one transaction.

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