Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer Allows Customer To Benefit From;

Transferring balance on other bank credit cards onto your Mashreq Credit Card.
Installing the transferred balance on tenors up to 36 months with discounted interest rates.

Easy Cash

EasyCash Allows Customer To Benefit From;

Transfer available Cash limit to personal account without the need to withdraw cash.
Possibility to install the transferred cash amount on tenors up to 36 months
Discounted interest rates

Easy Payment Plan

Possibility to buy now and pay later on installments with 0% interest rates from Mashreq partners for transactions with amount EGP500 or more. Check list of Merchant partners: Click here
Possibility on installing transactions with EGP 500 or more from any merchant on installments with reduced interest and tenors up to 36 months

Payment Options

Multiple Payment Channels To Pay Credit Card Dues;

Through Mashreq ATMs
Through transferring the dues from any Mashreq account to credit cards through Mashreq online.
Through standing instructions to directly deduct full or minimum payment from Mashreq account on regular basis.
Payment is available through more than 60,000 locations with Fawry payment services.
Payment is possible through any of Mashreq branches.

Supplementary Credit Card

Mashreq offers you the opportunity to share the Lifestyle offering of your Mashreq Credit Card with your family members at age of 16 years old or more. Customer Can Enjoy:

More protection for family members as they will not have to carry large amounts of cash with them and can make any transactions, safely and conveniently.
Contactless supplementary cards offering fast, secure and convenient way of payments.
Activating and selecting special PIN for supplementary cards
Setting a monthly spend limit for supplementary cards.
Earning Reward Points, sMILES points or cashback based on the card type based on supplementary cardholders spend ; all purchases made on Supplementary Cards are also eligible for earning.
Receiving a single monthly bill for payment; All supplementary card transactions are charged to the principal account.

Card Activation And PIN Generation

Cards Activation Through Mashreq Mobile:

Signing in to Mashreq mobile application.
Opening the main menu by pressing the three dashes found on the top left part of the screen.
Choosing services.
Choosing activate card.
Clicking on change.
Choosing the card you want to activate.
Entering the card expiry year (e.g. 2024)
Entering the card expiry month (e.g. 04)
Pressing confirm.
Getting the activated successfully.

Cards Activation Through Mashreq Online Banking:

Signing in to your Mashreq Online account.
Choosing “My cards” from the main menu found on the left side of the page.
Choosing “other services”.
Choosing activate debit card.
Choosing the card you want to activate.
Entering the card expiry year.
Entering the card expiry month.
Pressing submit.
Getting the card is activated successfully.
Afterwards for PIN generation , Following below steps is required;
Clicking on “Generate card PIN”
Entering the required details.
Typing your own PIN.
Re-entering the PIN for confirmation.
Clicking on “change”
Entering the token passcode or SMS OTP and press confirm.
Enjoying using your Mashreq card.

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