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Mashreq Soft Token

Fast & easy authorisation

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Extra Security

Mahshreq Soft Token is a multi-authenticator device that adds extra security to your transactions. It's easy to use from your mobile.

Easy to set up

Setting up Soft Token is simple. Just follow the steps.
Log on to Mashreq Online
Click on 'soft token registration', set up some security questions and submit. Then click on 'soft token registration' again. Press OK.
An SMS OTP will be sent to your registered mobile. Copy the code and confirm. Now open "Mashreq token Egypt" on the mobile.
QR Code/ Manual Activation
Scan the QR Code & create your PIN. Click on ‘other bank transfers’ to complete. In case of issues, select manual activation.

Completing transactions

Once you've downloaded the application, it's easy to complete transactions following easy steps.

How do I do it?

Step 1
Open the application and type in the PIN you created.
Step 2
Press on "generate token number".
Step 3
Copy your token number on MOL or Mashreq mobile and press 'submit'.

Still got questions?

Soft token is a multi-factor authenticator application that secures all your financial transactions.
It turns your mobile into an OTP generator. OTP stand for 'one time password' which is a unique password that can only be used once.

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