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Fawry Collection

Making payments just got easier


Credit Card Payments

It's easy to make credit card payments through Fawry point of sale, You just need your credit card and National ID.

Loans Payments

Paying loans is simple and convenient with Fawry. 


Simple steps
It's easy to use Fawry. At a point of sale enter your National ID, swipe your credit card and enter the amount you want to pay. You'll receive a receipt confirming your payment.
Over 80,000 POS machines
Make all your payments with ease through Fawry POS machines which are conveniently located. 
A network of retailers
Fawry's network of retailers include everything from supermarkets to pharmacies. All are equipped with Fawry point of sale machines.
Make payments nationwide
Fawry operates in over 300 cities across Egypt so you can pay everything, anywhere.

Transforming payment

At Mashreq we understand the value of your time. That's why we've collaborated with Fawry to introduce a convenient way to make credit card payments or pay your Mashreq Personal Loan installments. 

Still got questions?

You can make Mashreq Credit Card and Personal Loan payments.
You need your credit card and your National ID.
You can pay in retail areas all over Egypt at point of sale machines.

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