Business Plus

Protect your business

with comprehensive cover

Cover flexibility

revise any time

Comprehensive cover

against a range of accidents

Financial support

when you need it

Peace of mind for business owners

Business Plus is an insurance policy that covers your business and the tools and facilities that are vital to the smooth-running of operation. It includes the financial support you need in a crisis so that you can recover quickly.
Comprehensive cover
Your office or shop content, show windows, loss of money in a till or safe are covered. There is also the option of additional cover for loss of revenue.
Business Plus covers you against risks such as fire, theft, window damage, fallen trees, loss of money in safe or till and more.
Please refer to your policy for full details. T&Cs apply
Your contents are safe with Business Plus
Cover for restoring paperwork, files, plans, records, and data as well as installation of programmes for business use. 

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Insurance cover for your business and the tools and facilities vital for operations.

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Business Plus properly insures your business, tools and facilities. It provides the financial support you need in the event of a crisis.
You are covered against a number of risks. These include natural hazards, collision or accidental fall of building, water tank overflow, fresh water or natural gas pipe bursts, falling trees, telegraph poles or street lamp posts, burglary, breakage of show windows, loss of rent, loss of money from till or safe. You should refer to your policy to check your level of coverage.   

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