Turbo Loans

The loan that's fast

for the self-employed

Quick Approval

within 48 hours

loan amounts

up to EGP 750K

Up to

7 years tenor

Designed for the self-employed

If you are self-employed and need finance fast, this is the perfect product for you. Turbo Loan is designed for self-employed individuals who want a loan quickly with the minimum of paperwork.

Are you ready to apply?


The Fastest Procedures and the Least documentation
Commercial register, taxation card & bank statements.
Flexible repayment plans
Up to 84 months.
Fast approvals
Our fast processing means that approval can take as little as 48 hours.

You will need

A valid national ID
Valid commercial registration and taxation card
Last 6 months' personal bank statements or company bank statements
To be self-employed


Minimum Monthly Income
Minimum monthly income is EGP 11,000
The required Documents
Valid commercial registration & taxation card
Starting Business Date
Minimum of 2 years length of business

Still got questions?

This programme is for self-employed individuals who want a loan in 48 hours with minimal documentation. The advantage of this loan  is speed and almost guaranteed approval.

This program is called Turbo because it’s a fast tracked programme with the following benefits:- Approval within 48 Hours Minimal Documentation Higher amounts up to EGP 750,000.
An applicant is considered self-employed if ANY of the following applies: Owns a sole proprietorship or is a partner/shareholder in a company. Applicant’s name is on the commercial registration of a partnership. Shareholder in a closed joint stock company, regardless of his/her ownership percentage. Owns over 50% of the shares of a publicly traded joint stock company.
The maximum amount for aa Turbo Loan is EGP 750,000 & the maximum tenor for a Turbo Loan is 7 years (84 months)
Please check the list of  mandatory documents to be presented to apply for a Turbo Loan: Commercial Registration Updated Taxation Card Partnership share, in case not a sole proprietorship company 6 Months personal or business bank statements
The upfront costs related to a personal loan are processing fees and insurance fee.
The Turbo Loan is offered to Mashreq existing self-employed customers and also to  new bank clients.
Our interest rates are competitive and are charged on a reducing balance. To find out more about this, please get in touch with a Bank representative.

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