USD Certificate of Deposits

Earn high returns

& save in USD

Attractive interest rates

every month

3 years



interest payment

Attractive rates of interest

Your Mashreq Certificate of Deposit not only gives you higher interest for your funds but also credits the interest to your account on a monthly basis.

Medium term tenor

Enjoy our medium term depository tenor of 3 years offered in USD.

Competitive Rates

With Mashreq Dollar Certificate of Deposit enjoy the benefit of  high interest rates on your dollar savings.
Attractive interest rates & flexibility
Your Dollar Certificate of Deposit from Mashreq offers the attractive rates of interest. Enjoy the benefits of liquidity and security of capital that your certificate brings.
Easy set-up

You need an initial deposit of USD 1,000 to set up your deposit.

Monthly payout
Payout is credited to your account on monthly basis
Available for minors
A minor can apply for a Mashreq Certificate of Deposit along with a guardian.

Are you ready to apply?


Minimum Amount
USD 1,000
Available to nationals and expatriates with residence visa
Available to minors
Minors (under the age of 16) can apply for certificate of deposits under natural or legal guardian’s authority

You will need

An exiting Current Account

A minimum deposit of USD 1,000

And finally, fill in the application form.
Terms & Conditions apply

Still got questions?

Minimum amount required to issue a dollar certificate of deposit is USD 1,000.
You can expect interest on a monthly basis.
Yes, Expatriates can apply for dollar certificate of deposit with the Bank.

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