Credit Card Remittances

Use your Mashreq Card to send money

Transfer money quickly

No cash advance charges

Simple & direct

Competitive Exchange Rates

For efficient transfers

High transfer limits

Convenient & fast

The convenience of sending money when you need it the most

Special occasions don’t follow cycles. Now transfer money using your Mashreq Credit Card and enjoy the convenience of paying later

Still got questions?

No, remittances through Mashreq Credit Card is for Quick Remit transactions only.

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No, the transaction will be treated as any retail purchase / e-commerce transaction.

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It's free - there are no transfer charges.

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The maximum amount may vary for different customers as identified by the Bank. You will be notified directly on the limit assigned.

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No, you will not be able to convert remittance via Credit Card transaction into an easy payment plan

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No, remittances via Credit Card transactions are not eligible for Salaam Points

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