SmartSaver Credit Card

Up to 1% cashback

Free for life

zero annual fee

1% Cashback

and 0.5% locally

Great cashback internationally and locally

Guaranteed cashback of 1% on all your international spends and 0.5% on all local spends in the UAE. No caps. No complicated calculations. Just pure savings, guaranteed.

No Hidden Fees

Annual fees
Primary and Supplementary Card: No annual fees
Interest rates
3.33% p.m. for the first 6 months. Up to 3.69% p.m. thereafter
Interest free period
55 days
PayProtect Insurance
0.99% of monthly statement balance


SmartSaver Cashback T&Cs
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General Terms & Conditions
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  • You will save on all purchases made on the SmartSaver Credit Card. Get 0.5% cash back on all local and 1.0% cash back on all international spends with no complicated calculations. Just pure savings!
  • Cashback is valid on all spends including government and utility categories except cash transactions and Mashreq Online Banking payments.

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The SmartSaver Credit Card is free for life for both the Primary and the Supplementary Card.

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With SmartSaver Credit Card you start to earn cashback with the first 1Dhs spend you made on the card, there is no minimum spend condition to start earning cashback.

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The cashback will be calculated on your statement date. For example:
For customers with a statement date (billing cycle) on the 17th
- spends posted between 17th and 16th of every month will be considered.
For customers with a statement date (billing cycle) on the 12th
- spends posted between 12th and 11th of every month will be considered.

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All retails purchases made on the card will be eligible to cashback. Spends not qualified for cashback are:
  • Balance transfers
  • Local cash advances
  • Credit card cheques
  • Finance charges
  • All fees charged on the Card by the Bank
  • Transactions reversed by Merchants
  • Utility bill payments like telephone bills, water and electricity bills made through the Bank's payment channels like Call Centre, Mashreq Online, ATM, Mobile Banking, Branches or any other Bank's payment channel.

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In the case of a reversal of a transaction, the savings on the transaction will also be reversed.
Savings will be awarded to only actual purchase transactions.

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No. The savings earned can be redeemed only as cash credit to the card account.

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You can redeem the savings on achievement of a minimum of AED 100 in the saving balance.

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Yes, the savings earned have a maximum validity of 18 months from the date of earning. If the
savings have not been redeemed within this period, it will expire.
Additionally, accumulated cashback will be forfeited in below cases:
Customer has not earned or redeemed any cashback in last twelve (12) months or
Card account is delinquent.

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The cashback earned can be redeemed and will be applied directly to the outstanding balance of the card but does not count
towards the minimum monthly payment on the card. The cashback is considered as a credit
towards the card account and not as a payment, hence customer must still make the minimum
monthly payment due on the card.

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