Introducing Omar Samra

A dream to Scale every Summit

As a kid, Omar had severe asthma but was told he could cure it if he took up sports seriously. He didn't waste a second and took up running, squash and basketball, overcoming it faster than expected. At 16, he fell in love with climbing after a hike in Switzerland. A dream was born: to climb Mt. Everest and nothing would stop him.

Soaring high as a Mountaineer

Years later, he became a pioneer, climbing Mt. Everest, the 7 summits and adventuring in Antarctica. He faced the world's toughest challenges but the hardest one wasn’t physical. Omar lost his wife after the birth of their child. Heartbroken, he had to find ways to heal. So, he stayed on his inspiring path, ultimately finding new meaning.

A brave man with a legacy

Having faced life's challenges with sheer determination, Omar has always made it to the top with humility — pushing himself while inspiring others along the way. As an avid entrepreneur, climate change advocate and TED speaker, he is constantly looking for his next adventure. For Omar, the sky isn’t the limit. He is ready to conquer space!

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