Meet Huda Al Matrooshi

As UAE’s first Emirati female car mechanic, Huda repairs more than just cars. She fixes a system filled with prejudice. By running her own garage, she redefines her role in the industry.

A Master's graduate with different plans

Achieving your goals doesn’t always come easy. Huda can attest to that. While obtaining her Master’s degree, she realized her calling was leading her down a different, unconventional path: repairing cars.

The risktaker that won't quit

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Huda had more to prove than most. People questioned her ability, so she became relentless in perfecting her skills, letting her work speak for itself. When she got the chance to open up a garage, she accepted the financial risk that came with it. Despite the many challenges, she never gave up.

A mentor & role model

Today, she’s celebrated in the media and public sphere, with the highest levels of UAE officials endorsing her hard work and her efforts as a citizen: showing the nation a new path to success. With her workshop, she hopes to show women that anything is possible if they don’t quit. Huda continues to rise by doing what she has always loved.

Redefining societal norms with pure ambition

Following her principles for success, charting her path forward.

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