Meet Amena Elsaie

Amena Elsaie, co-founder of Helm, a visionary leader dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities and championing Inclusivity.

Driven by a vision of positive change

The first step in Amena's journey began with a visit to a museum that catered to the visually impaired in Germany. This visit was etched in her memory as it grew into a deep passion to champion Inclusivity. Along with her co-founder Ramez Maher, Amena embarked on a mission to establish Helm, an organisation in Egypt that extends its services to more than 200 companies and 2,700 individuals with disabilities. Amena has been the primary force to drive Helm’s vision, strategy, and growth while providing sustainable and unique solutions for people with determination.

Recognised for her heroic efforts

Helm has successfully provided unique and sustainable solutions for public and private institutions, thanks to the dedication and efforts of Amena. She has been awarded the Top 10 Africa’s Business Heroes 2022 out of 22,000 companies in Africa. She has also been recognised as a ‘Woman Champion of Change’ in Egypt in 2020 by the Canadian and Swedish embassies. She also won the 1st prize by MIT Pan Arab for the Entaleq app built by Helm. Under Amena's leadership, Helm has earned international acclaim, and several prestigious awards from the Zero Project at the United Nations.

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