Introducing Abdullah Al Suwaidi

Abdullah is the last pearl diver of the UAE, but not if he has anything to say about it. He owns an oyster farm, gives eco-tours and is striving to revive the region’s pearl industry.

The keeper of tradition

80 years ago, the Gulf of Arabia dominated 80% of the pearl industry. With time, other markets took that share away. Abdullah Al Suwaidi plans to change that. Despite the challenges for his industry, Abdullah has worked his entire life to keep the pearl diving stories, traditions & industry alive.

An optimistic man of the sea

Like his father and grandfather before him, he has come across his fair share of obstacles. Working with living species in the open sea comes with unpredictability and risk. The weather & sea conditions are completely out of his control. Nonetheless, Abdullah takes on each new day with positivity & resolve to make the most of it.

A visionary of the pearl industry

With vision, determination & a sense of responsibility, he has been able to build an oyster farm which serves to entertain and educate people on the history of pearl diving in the Middle East. By blending sustainability, innovation, technology & tradition, Abdullah rises to the occasion to solidify a future for the region’s pearl industry.

Driven by true passion

Tapping into his unfettered potential with passion and driven by his vision to achieve the colossal mission before him.

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