National Loans Scheme

For UAE Nationals

Very low interest rates

Equal to 3 months EIBOR*

Consolidate Mashreq facilities

For easy payments

Up to 300 months Tenor

lower monthly payments

Supporting UAE Nationals through the National Loan Scheme

National Loan Scheme introduced by the Central Bank of UAE is aimed at easing the debt burden of UAE Nationals. Mashreq is committed to supporting UAE Nationals in this worthy scheme.
Comfortable repayment
Lower monthly payments allow you to maintain a higher disposable income.
Discover our Happiness Account which offers a guaranteed joining bonus and a host of other benefits.
Terms & Conditions apply
Islamic Choices
Islamic finance options are available
Online Access
Access to Online and Mobile Banking anytime, anywhere.

Consolidate your finances with National Loan Scheme

Mashreq is proud to support the National Loan Scheme to help UAE Nationals ease the burden of debt through a long-term programme keeping their needs in mind.


Minimum monthly income
AED 10,000
Nationality should be UAE on Emirates ID
21 years old and above

You will need

To give us your consent to participate in NLS
Your last salary certificate and previous 3 months Banks Statements with salary credits
Valid Passport Copy & Original EID

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NLS is a National Loan Scheme introduced by Central Bank to provide relief to Emirati customers with high debt burden and to make it easy for them to come out of the loan

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As per Central Bank National Loan Scheme, if your monthly Installment is more than 50% of your income (30% for pensioners) AND tenor of your loan is more than 48 months (60 months for Ministry of Defence Employees) then your debt burden is high and you can benefit from the National Loan Scheme. Terms and Conditions apply.

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No. Mashreq can only offer National Loan Scheme to its own customers.

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You can consolidate all liabilities with Mashreq into one facility under the NLS scheme however, external liabilities are not bought out as part of NLS.

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You are eligible if the following criteria are met:
1) You have a long-term loan that originated prior to May 2011 and is currently with Mashreq, AND 2) Your monthly payments with Mashreq are more than 50% of your income (more than 30% for pensioners) AND 3) The active remaining tenor on your long-term loan is more than 48 months (60 months for Ministry of Defence employees)
Then we will:
Offer you a loan at an interest rate of 3 Months EIBOR or lower to help you reduce your monthly payment to 50% of income for salaried customers and 30% of income for pensioners.

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There are a two simple ways to apply for the National Loan Scheme with Mashreq:
1) Email : 2) Call us on +971 4 424- 4444
You are not committed to anything by calling us for a chat. We're happy to talk you through your options and answer any questions.

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