From legacy to triumph

Naqash Ahmed – National Sales Manager, Mashreq

The inspiring journey of Naqash Ahmed who achieved success in a foreign land, inspired by his father’s wisdom

“For me, success involves being remembered for admirable aspirations, excelling as a father, husband, banker in Mashreq and serving as a positive ambassador for your country.”


My journey at Mashreq has been marked by a steadfast commitment to my aspirations, family, and country. In the last decade, I’ve faced numerous challenges, from cultural adjustments arriving in the UAE without a plan or roadmap for the future, to tough decisions I had to take in my career.
One significant challenge I faced was during the unprecedented times of the pandemic, where the impact not only affected my family, like so many others, but my professional life as well. I experienced the effects of digitalisation firsthand, as the need to downsize branches prompted a shift in my career trajectory. I was now required to move into the Emirati segment, and my career had taken an unexpected turn and in the most uncertain times. Overcoming this challenge demanded staying informed, embracing continuous learning, making decisions carefully, and drawing upon my experience to craft innovative solutions. Above all, my father's enduring words, "never give up," echoed as a mantra, empowering me to emerge from this challenge stronger than I was ever before.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success

Breaking out of my comfort zone has been the inspiration for my personal and professional development. My father’s philosophy, that happiness is the precursor to success, helped me become who I am, and stay strong even during a separation from my family during the lockdowns. Since joining the Emirati segment in 2021, I have maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence, securing the top position in 2021, 2022, and 2023, with a wealth of success stories waiting to unfold.

Looking back at my journey

My journey at Mashreq began from the ground up, starting humbly and advancing to the role of Team Leader in Branches. Over the years, through dedication and hard work, I progressed through various positions, finally achieving the prestigious title of the youngest NSM in the entire bank, part of the Emirati segment, an achievement I am immensely proud of. So I suppose in the end, everything worked out for the best and now as I continue my journey, I look forward to embracing new challenges, achieving greater milestones, and writing the next chapter of success in my professional and personal journey.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do to succeed.”

From legacy to triumph

The inspiring journey of a Mashreq employee who navigated his way to success in a foreign land, inspired by his father’s wisdom

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