Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are now an integral part of our day-to-day financial needs. Located at convenient locations like malls and supermarkets, ATMs have simplified personal cash management. While our ATM experiences have gotten better and better over the years, the frequency of ATM frauds has also increased.

For your security, we recommend that you change your ATM PIN regularly. Simply visit any Mashreq ATM and select the "Change PIN" option for an instant PIN change. Some additional tips to help make your ATM experience more secure:
  • Be especially cautious when strangers offer to help you at an ATM, or if you notice any suspicious activity at or around the ATM area. If you see any such activity please report immediately to the bank.
  • Use ATM locations that you are familiar with so any changes will be more apparent; for example, a false attachment on the front of the machine will jut out a couple of inches, or a new sticker affixed on the front that you have never seen before may tip you off that a fraudster has altered the machine.
  • Ensure that other individuals at the ATM queue keep an acceptable distance from you. Be on the look-out for individuals who might be watching you enter your PIN.
  • Stand close to the ATM and shield the keypad with your hand when keying in your PIN.
  • If you feel the ATM is not working normally, press the Cancel key and withdraw your card and then proceed to another ATM, reporting the matter to the bank.
  • Never force your card into the card slot. Keep your printed transaction record so that you can compare your ATM receipts to your monthly statement.
  • If your card gets jammed, retained, or lost, or if you are interfered with at an ATM, report this immediately to the bank.
  • Do not be in a hurry during the transaction and carefully secure your card and cash in your wallet, handbag or pocket before leaving the ATM.
  • Memorize your PIN (if you must write it down, do so in a disguised manner and never carry it with your card).
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone, whether to a family member, bank staff or police.
  • Do not use obvious and guessable numbers for your PIN like your date of birth, or the last four digits of your phone number.
  • Change your PIN periodically, and if you think it may have been compromised, change it immediately.

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