Message from Mashreq Egypt CEO & Country Head

Mashreq has established a prominent presence in the Egyptian market since 1977, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to delivering innovative financial products and services that cater to the ever-evolving needs of our valued clients. Over the years, our business has experienced significant growth, solidifying our position as a key player in the market. Our offerings are widely recognized for their unique and substantial advantages, coupled with the flexibility to tailor solutions to our clients' specific requirements. Moreover, our competitive edge lies in our extensive network and global presence, enabling us to support and empower our clients to thrive irrespective of their geographic location. At Mashreq, our differentiating factor lies in our client-centric approach, placing the client at the forefront of our priorities. We actively listen to their needs and aspirations, ensuring that we deliver the most suitable solutions. We firmly believe that fostering strong relationships is the key to achieving mutual success, and we continuously strive to strengthen these connections over time. We take immense pride in our contributions to the Egyptian market, and we are confident that our influence will continue to grow. Our unwavering dedication and commitment to this market will remain a fundamental aspect of our journey for years to come. Amr El Bahey Mashreq Egypt CEO & Country Head

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