Introducing Mounaz and Aya Abdel Raouf

The power of determination.

When people expect you to succeed, the pressure can be overwhelming. On the other hand, when people underestimate your capabilities to achieve your goals, it can be just as discouraging. It can, however, also become a driving force to prove everyone wrong. The Egyptian Okthein Sisters have experienced the latter firsthand.

The journey of self-belief.

In 2014, Mounaz and Aya Abdel Raouf launched their own accessories label in their father’s basement. The sisters were both in their early twenties, with limited experience, when they decided to step into the competitive world of fashion. The industry didn’t take them seriously, while their inner circle believed this label was going to be a one-off project—launched on a whim— before they’d go back to their normal lives.

Double the passion.

The sisters ignored everyone’s skepticism and instead turned to each other for motivation and accountability—balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Through trial and error, the sisters learned how to best run a business, together. With a passion for art, craftsmanship, and philanthropy, they were determined to highlight the heritage of Egypt in their work while empowering the local community. While no one thought an Egyptian brand could compete with those hailing from Milan, the sisters believed they could, so they did.

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