The earth is calling for change. It’s time to act.

Introducing #Climb2Change initiative

Climb2Change is a new and innovative initiative by Mashreq, ushering in a new era of banking & ESG. This initiative consolidates Mashreq's strong performance in sustainable linked financing, responsible banking products and services, social impact initiatives, and net-zero commitment into a unique global platform, solidifying the bank's leadership in sustainable banking in the MENA region and globally. We look forward to driving collaboration among individuals around the world to contribute towards shaping a more sustainable future and ask the audience globally to start their own Climb2Change.

Cleaning up the Earth’s mightiest peaks

As part of our new initiative under Climb2Change, we are launching expeditions to 14 of the Earth’s mightiest mountains, cleaning them up as we go. Throughout our journey, we aim to build awareness on recycling practices, waste reduction and environmental preservation on a global scale in line with our dedication to sustainability and making a positive difference in the world. That’s not all. Mashreq will be collaborating with local authorities and communities, organisations, and volunteers who have a deep connection and understanding of these mountains in a collaborative effort to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

Cleaning and Conquering the Mightiest Peaks in Nepal

Reflecting on Phase 1 of mountain cleanups in our #Climb2Change journey in Nepal, we accomplished our mission to create a global movement for climate action and sustainability. With the support of local communities, NGOs, and dedicated individuals, this milestone marks the beginning of our journey as we take steps forward in our commitment to creating a sustainable future together.
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