Banking on a Better Tomorrow: Mashreq’s Green Legacy

Initiatives and partnerships that reflect our commitment to the future, ensuring that the services we offer contribute to a more sustainable world.

Innovating for Sustainability: Our Green Transition

Mashreq is pioneering a shift towards environmental consciousness in banking. We’re transforming the mundane into the meaningful by replacing conventional plastic with 100% recycled plastic in our credit and debit cards and streamlining our card stationery and welcome packs with minimalist, sleek designs and the use of recycled paper. It’s a step towards a greener future, one card at a time.

Hand-in-Hand with Emirates Nature-WWF, Protecting the Biodiversity of UAE

Our initiative is straightforward yet innovative, aiming to create the UAE's largest citizen science community for biodiversity mapping and preservation. By bringing together individuals, families, organisations, and leaders, we're not only up-skilling participants but also involving them in genuine citizen science efforts and data collection. Further enhancing these efforts, terrestrial conservation experts shall utilize advanced scientific tools and monitoring techniques in the field, executing habitat protection measures for rewilding and ecosystem enhancement.

The Art of Sustainability: Stories Behind Our Cards

Each card issued by Mashreq tells a story of preservation and purpose. The intricate illustrations on our cards are more than just designs; they’re a homage to the environment, featuring elements that represent the diverse ecosystems we’re dedicated to protecting. These illustrations serve as a reminder of the region's species, symbolising our commitment to conservation and the natural heritage of the UAE.

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