Mashreq partners with Enterprise UAE

Access to reliable information is crucial in order to make informed decisions, fast. As one of the region’s oldest financial institutions deeply-rooted in innovation, Mashreq understands the power of information. In line with our commitment to create value to our stakeholders, Mashreq has partnered with Enterprise UAE, a publication trusted by industry leaders across the region to cover the news and trends that will move markets and set the corporate agenda in key economies and industries in the UAE. As the first pillar sponsors of Enterprise UAE, Mashreq is proud to support Enterprise’s first national edition outside their home market of Egypt. Tap here to subscribe for free.

Providing access to information with EnterprisePM Egypt

As we expand our presence outside the UAE, Egypt continues to be a priority market for Mashreq. In line with our support local businesses and business leaders, Mashreq has partnered with EnterprisePM Egypt – an afternoon briefing on the news that has shaped the market. EnterprisePM also serves as a guide to the most interesting places to experience, art, food, culture, and leisure time in Egypt. Tap here to subscribe for free.

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