Backed by a successful launch of the Returning Mothers Programme in India, we are thrilled to launch Reignite – Mashreq’s Return to Work Programme for women across all our global locations. Reignite welcomes all women that possess the right skill set and are looking to rejoin the workforce after a career break. We understand that rejoining the workforce after a break can be challenging. Reignite is designed to ensure seamless integration back into the workforce by providing you with personalised coaching, support and flexibility to support this transition. Mashreq is here to support you on all levels as you Reignite your career with us.
Reignite welcomes women who have taken a hiatus of a minimum of 12 months from full time employment due to maternity, elderly care, family responsibilities or pursuing higher studies, hobbies, or any other personal priorities. Through our extensive network of professionals, Mashreq will understand your needs and help you reignite your career through a personalised coaching plan. Mashreq will also provide opportunities for hands-on training and access to comprehensive leadership development modules. You will also be assigned career counsellors who will assist you in preparing personal development plans to ensure you are seamlessly able to transition back into the workforce while meeting the demands of your personal life.

Benefits of Reignite

Full time employment
Paid Programmes
Upskilling Opportunities
Training Programmes with Job Opportunities
Access to Curated Learning Programmes
Remote Working
Coaching by Leaders
Flexible Work Hours

Eligibility Criteria

The woman candidate must be returning from a career break of a minimum of 12 months or more.
Relevant work experience prior to your break, directly related to the job role you’re applying for.
An interest in returning to the workforce through full time employment opportunities role.

Go ahead, reginite your career with Mashreq and Rise Every Day

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