Careers at Mashreq


Where local talent meets national prosperity

Capable leaders of the UAE

For several years now, Mashreq has been practicing an active and dynamic Emiratisation strategy that is in line with the UAE Government’s efforts to raise awareness, and encourage more localisation across the financial services industry.
As a result, we have several UAE nationals employed across all operations of our bank, many of who hold senior managerial and administrative positions.

Roles for everyone

Working in cooperation with various educational institutions, our flexible College Work Placement/Internship Programme aims to provide all interested students with outlets and opportunities for work placement and career direction. Students are assigned to different business units, with a specially appointed mentor who monitors learning and provides relevant assistance. At the end of the programme, all participants are given certificates and suitable ones are considered for full-time jobs after graduation.
Our signature 1-year management trainee programme Mashreq Al Mustaqbal is designed to prepare graduates with strong academic backgrounds for specialised roles. Through job rotations, the programme equips and empowers chosen candidates with necessary skills, competencies, practical experiences, essential supervision and management training required for a promising banking career.
Our Summer Programme is a structured 8-week professional course for undergraduates in the second to last year of university/college, with placements across our business units. After a comprehensive introduction to Mashreq, every student is given multiple opportunities to showcase potential and be positioned to develop the skills, behaviours, and experience essential for long-term careers with us.

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