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Our commitment towards our employees.

An organisation as diverse as Mashreq places great importance on human capital and the development of each and every employee. With a commitment toward staff, employees enjoy the satisfaction and benefits of working in a secure and engaged work environment.

We will challenge you to do the best work of your life

At Mashreq, our work culture is inspired by industry best practices and a personal commitment to our job responsibilities. As seen every day through our team of dedicated and diverse employees, our organisational goals are achieved through teamwork, professionalism and a conscientious work ethic.

Learn about our benefits

At Mashreq, we firmly believe that the right compensation structure supports business strategy, aligns with the values of the bank and is a key driver in maintaining employee motivation levels, thereby fuelling performance.
  • Our compensation and benefits packages are robust. We review them annually across all the regions we are present to ensure we are abreast with the market pay and practices.
  • Different variable pay programmes have been carefully structured to effectively reach out across the bank, from unique product-specific incentive schemes for the sales force to long-term incentive plans for the senior management. An annual Bonus model linked to the bank’s overall performance to benefit the non-incentivised employees across all units of the bank, is also in place.
  • Backed by effective performance management systems, our focus is on a 'Pay for Performance' approach where pay is directly attributable to the employee performance levels.
At Mashreq, we value our employees as our greatest resource. We are committed to creating a nurturing and positive environment for our employees where our organisation can thrive and flourish, thereby also allowing employees to maximize their potential and reach both their personal and professional goals.
As an arm of the Human Resources Department, Organisational Development plays a strategic role in organisational change, shaping organisational culture and employee engagement. By offering our employees an opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns and innovative ideas through various forums, and by listening to them, we are working together to make Mashreq an ever-exciting place to work!!

Diversity & Inclusion is the key to our growth

Providing equal opportunities to all employees regardless of age, gender, race, disability and religion, is the cornerstone of our work ethic model. Integrating these international standards, we provide maximum opportunity to every employee in our multicultural and ethnically diverse workplace.

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