Ahsen Ongoing fundraising for African projects

Ahsen is a unique digital charity programme from Mashreq that allows banking customers to choose their own charitable cause, contribute any amount towards it, and keep online track of progress on the programme. The first project under Ahsen, Support 50 Orphans, raised a total of AED 300,000 towards providing refugee children with food, clothing and shelter. The second, Build Schools Across Africa, is raising AED 300,00 to pay for the education of 50 students, while the third, Build Wells in Ethiopia, is raising AED 456,630 to provide drinking water to 4,500 people. The projects are run in association with the UAE’s oldest charities, Beit Al Kheir Society and Dar Al Ber Society, and donations can be easily made on Mashreq’s mobile and online banking channels or through Mashreq ATMs. Every dirham collected is updated online, on a dedicated intranet site on the bank’s homepage.

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