Welcome to Mashreq. In recent years the world around us has changed at breakneck speed, with Covid-19 and the digital economy transforming how we live our daily lives. Ahead of the curve, we too have evolved to facilitate change and deliver opportunity. Part of our journey has seen the emergence of a new Mashreq identity that reflects who we are and what we do. Moreover, it explains why. Rise Every Day is a brand that represents our work in supporting people from all walks of life - individuals, families, investors, and businesses. Through our natural ability to adapt, we have emerged as a proven challenger bank ready to take on the status quo and reform the future of finance for good.
Those changes were not only necessary in the wake of the new global realities we all face, but necessary for us to continue to do what we have always set out to do. Our core purpose is to equip every one of our customers with the tools they need to recognise, grasp, and realise their potential, and to raise their prospects of success in life.
Whether you are a student, a young professional, a growing family, an aspiring entrepreneur or a high net-worth individual, Rise Every Day speaks directly to you. But I also wish to make it clear that this is much more than a brand, it is an experience that dictates how we innovate the new products and services that our customers need within the context of today’s digital economy and socio-economic challenges. We recognise that today’s world is complex, often confusing, and always changing.
We are fully committed to reshaping the future of finance through innovation, sustainability, convenience, trust, and an unmatched customer experience. This commitment runs throughout our DNA – to serve you, whatever your circumstances, whatever your challenges and whatever your needs might be.
Our technologies are designed to serve you and your personal and professional interests in the closest way possible so that you receive a service that is hyper-personalised and truly relevant. Your experience as a Mashreq customer is our number one priority: today, tomorrow and throughout our journey in the coming years. Explore more about us through Mashreq.com.
We look forward to being a part of your journey as you follow your path to success.
Best Regards,
Ahmed Abdelaal Group Chief Executive Officer

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