Dibba Iftar Initiative

Free meals for the needy in Fujairah

For decades now, Mashreq has used the banner of Ramadan to organise charitable and community outreach campaigns including the collection and distribution of food, clothing and essentials; raining and donating money to worthy causes; and taking up essential social services such as paying the financial debts of prisoners towards their rehabilitation. This year, with multiple restrictions in place, and in adhering to the rules of safety and social distancing, Mashreq has developed a special iftar initiative in association with Dibba Al Fujairah Police Station. Mashreq contracted a popular restaurant in the small rural community to cook, pack, and deliver hot iftar meal boxes to needy people residing in local labour camps. During Ramadan, 3,000 personalised boxes containing dates, fruits, water, and buttermilk along with a hot meal, were delivered safely to the camps every day. Through this initiative, residents could continue observing their Ramadan rituals, despite the tough circumstances surrounding them.

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