Committing to a sustainable future

About our Initiative

A breath of fresh air

Mangroves, the lungs of the UAE, play a vital role in sustaining our environment by purifying the air, providing habitat for diverse marine life, and fortifying the coastal ecosystem.

Mangroves in the UAE

The UAE's MOCCAE is driving towards net zero emissions by 2050. One major initiative is planting 100 million mangroves nationwide by 2030, a significant stride towards environmental sustainability.

One Tree on your behalf

With our Golden Pledge, we proudly announce that a mangrove sapling is planted on behalf of every new Mashreq Gold customer, as a small step forward in our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices

CO2 Mitigation

Every one of your mangrove saplings will absorb 277 Kgs of CO2 from the atmosphere over the next 25 years.

The Golden Pledge

Committing to a sustainable future We are honored to announce that a mangrove sapling has been planted on your behalf through our Golden Pledge. This exclusive initiative not only symbolizes your elite membership with Mashreq Gold but also underscores our collective commitment to preserving the ecological richness of the UAE's coastline. Together, let us chart a course towards a more sustainable and luxurious tomorrow.

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ESG & Sustainability

Mashreq aspires for Sustainability leadership in the regional banking sector. It’s our commitment to our clients, our stakeholders and to society.

Recycling Our Cards

Each card issued by Mashreq tells a story of preservation and purpose. The intricate illustrations on our cards are more than just designs; they’re a homage to the environment, featuring elements that represent the diverse ecosystems we’re dedicated to protecting.

Sustainable Finance Solution

Our sustainable finance solutions include green loans, green bonds, and sustainability-linked debt capital market issuances. We also have expertise in providing green supply chain financing solutions and green Islamic finance solutions to our clients.