Revolution in car loans is here

Mashreq offers first of its kind digital car loans that redefines the way you buy cars.

Instant online approvals

Get behind the wheel faster with us

Enjoy low interest rates

and repayment tenor up to 60 months

Power of negotiation

Get cash pay order in the name of your car dealer

Buying a car has never been easier

The revolution in car loans is here! Mashreq offers the first of its kind digital car loans that redefines the way you buy cars. With CashIn Car Loan, you can now negotiate with your car dealer with the power of cash. You can get the cash pay order in the name of your chosen car dealer, hand it to them and drive out with your vehicle. Apply online and get approval in minutes.

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View your car loan offer
Enter basic details including mobile number, passport number and upload your Emirates ID to get your car loan quote right away!
Happy with the offer?
Accept the offer, shop for your dream car, and open your repayment account with Mashreq.
Easy documentation
Submit minimal required documents via your Mashreq salary transfer account to avail your car loan and drive home in style.
Have the following documents handy to view your loan offer
• Valid Passport • Valid Emirates ID


Minimum Monthly Salary
AED 5,000 for approved companies & AED 7,000 for unapproved companies.
Company Approval Requisite
Not mandatory to be employed at an approved company for loan eligibility.
Employment Term
Should be a ‘Confirmed’ employee (or) length of service to be 6 months or more at the current company.

General questions

A car loan is essentially a loan, with the car mortgaged to the bank.
You can borrow up to AED 500,000 with us, depending on your individual eligibility.
Our interest rates start at 3.19% p.a. flat* - which is an extremely competitive rate in the UAE. All rates are based on a reducing balance basis. *Equivalent reducing rate 5.99%.
You can get a loan offer if you have your Emirates ID handy. Fill in basic details including your mobile number, upload your Emirates ID and get your car loan offer from Mashreq.
• Click on apply now. Enter your basic details and upload your Emirates ID • Shop for your dream car and select the car of your choice • Get loan approval in minutes and open your repayment salary account • Get the cash pay order in the name of dealer, hand it to the dealer and drive home in style.

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