Complaint Service Promise

Our Customer Care Unit is here to listen and resolve

We value your feedback. If we have not met your service expectations, we are committed to resolving the issue as quickly as possible. In some cases, complaints may require additional investigation or involve other institutions and can take longer time to resolve – we will ensure to keep you updated throughout the resolution process. We are committed to improving our products, service and processes, basis your feedback and providing you with excellent Client Experience.
What is Complaint?
A Complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with any of our Products and / or Services because of delay, commitment not being met, misconduct or an error from bank / bank staff, then you may log complaint via any of the below mentioned channels. Most queries or service requests which does not imply dissatisfaction on your part, can be answered via FAQs available on our website or via Chat on Mashreq Mobile App
How and where to log complaint?
You may use any of the below channels to raise a complaint: -
  • You can login to your Mashreq Mobile App and click on ‘Help’ at the bottom.
  • Visit Mashreq Website under ‘Customer Care’ option
  • Call our 24x7 contact-center.
    • NEO – 04 4244444
    • Mashreq Gold – 04 4244653
    • SME/NEOBIZ - 04 4244763
    • Private Banking - 04 4244466
  • Through any Mashreq employee; including Branch staff or your Relationship Manager
How is your Complaint handled?
  1. On receipt of your complaint, we will provide you with a reference number immediately via SMS and email.
  2. Your complaint will be assigned to a complaints management specialist who will get in touch with you within 1 working day via your registered mobile number or email address, should we require any additional information.
  3. Our complaints management specialist will work closely with the relevant internal departments to ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted.
  4. We aspire to resolve your complaint within 4 to 6 business days. We shall contact you via your registered mobile number or email address to update you on the complaint resolution progress or inform you of any potential delays.
  5. After thorough investigation, we shall contact you to provide you with the outcome and resolution.
  6. If you are not satisfied with our complaints management response, then you may further escalate to:
Still not satisfied with the final resolution provided by the Bank.
We assure you that our complaint resolution process is fair and robust. However, in case you are not satisfied with our resolution or have not received a resolution from us within 30 calendar days, and you wish to pursue external mediation, then you have the right to refer the complaint to Sanadak (please click on Know Your Rights).
Know your Rights