Platinum Business Debit Card

Greater privileges

with higher limits

AED 200,000

Daily withdrawal limit

AED 100,000

Daily transaction limit

Global acceptance

24+ million retail outlets

Worldwide acceptance

Your Business Debit Card has access to over 27,000 retail outlets in the UAE, one million ATMs and over 24 million retail outlets around the world.
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Security Tip
Sign your card immediately and change your ATM PIN regularly.
SMS Alerts
Get SMS alerts on every retail transaction and cash withdrawal made with your card.
Card Activation
SMS 4250: 'DC' [space] + last 4 digits of your card (registered phone only), Call +9714 424 4763, or visit a branch. 
PIN generation
Mashreq Business Debit Card PIN will be sent separately to your PO Box.

Chip and PIN FAQs

The new Mashreq Debit Card is a Chip & PIN card that provides you an added level of security using a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The embedded computer chip stores information in a secure, encrypted format, making it more difficult for unauthorised users to copy or access the information on the card

The chip in the card requires you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you make a credit card transaction at stores with chip technology, and no signature is required. So, if your chip card is lost or stolen, it can't be used by unauthorized users (who don't know your PIN) at stores with chip-enabled terminals.

  • Do not let anyone else know or use your PIN
  • Never write it down. Use your hand or body to shield the keypad when you enter your PIN
  • Make transactions only at secure locations. If in doubt, don't use your Mashreq Debit Card
  • When a transaction is complete, put your card back in your wallet and take your transaction record
Transactions on your Mashreq Chip & PIN Debit Card will be completed faster because in most cases you'll no longer need to sign a transaction slip at stores with chip-enabled terminals. The chip in the card requires you to enter your PIN when you make a transaction at stores with chip technology. So, if your card is lost or stolen, it can't be used by unauthorised users (who don't know your PIN) at stores with chip-enabled terminals
When making a purchase at a store with a chip-enabled terminal, you'll be asked to enter your PIN into a keypad instead of signing a receipt. No swiping: your Mashreq Debit Card will be inserted into the terminal and left there until the transaction is complete. If you are making a purchase at a store without a chip-enabled terminal, you can still make purchases with your new Mashreq Chip & PIN Debit Card. In addition to a chip, it will also have a secure magnetic stripe like your old card. So, if you are in a store that doesn't have a chip terminal, you can make transactions as you do now, by signing a receipt. Only you should know your PIN. If a merchant asks you for your PIN do not provide it to him. Ask them to pass the terminal to you so you can enter the PIN
All you have to do is activate this card and start using it just the way you have been using your earlier debit card. You can use your new card for cash transactions at all ATMs, POS transactions at merchant outlets or use the card for online purchases (only Platinum). You can activate the card on Mashreq Online or you can visit any Mashreq branch
No, you will receive a new PIN number by mail from the bank. Please use the new PIN number. If you want to change the PIN #, please visit any Mashreq Branch near you and the agent will guide you to change the PIN number. You will need to use only one PIN for all transactions related to your Mashreq Debit Card. The PIN that you will be prompted to enter at merchant outlets in case of a POS transaction is the same as the one you use for ATM withdrawals. Your PIN is the key to using your new card. It will become extremely important to remember your PIN, as more and more merchants begin to replace their magnetic stripe point-of-sale terminals with terminals enabled to process chip & PIN

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