Mashreq NEO Debit Card

Your Debit Card

Safe & secure payments for your day-to-day life

EGP 60,000

Daily purchase limit

EGP 20,000

Daily cash limit

EGP 200,000

Monthly purchase and cash limit
Convenient Limits
Your Mashreq NEO Debit Card​ allows up to EGP 60,000 in daily purchases with up to 20 transactions, and allows up to EGP 20,000 daily cash limit with up to 10 transactions.
Contactless Cards
Discover fast, secure, and convenient payments. Simply hold your card over at the point of sale, and transactions below EGP 600 will be completed without entering your PIN.
No Hidden Fees
Get your debit card for free in the first year. You will need to pay an annual fee of EGP 100 after the first year.
Earn 50 Points on every EGP 100 spent on your debit card. Redeem your points easily through the Mashreq Egypt app.

Still have questions?

You can withdraw EGP 20,000 daily in up to 20 transactions.
You can spend up to EGP 60,000 daily in up to 20 transactions.
Yes, you can. With Mashreq's 3D secure services, you can make your online payments with complete peace of mind. Note: Financial inclusion limits are applicable. Terms & conditions Apply
No, the Mashreq NEO Debit Card cannot be used for any foreign currency purchases online.

Get a Mashreq NEO Account in 3 simple steps

1. Download Mashreq Egypt app
Visit the app store to get the app. Click on 'Apply for a Mashreq NEO Account'.
2. Complete account opening process
Scan your National ID and enter your remaining details.
3. Activate your account
Visit a Fawry Plus branch or Etisalat store. You will be notified once your account is activated.

Download the Mashreq Egypt app

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